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gluten-free Preschool Craft Supplies

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My three year old son will be starting preschool Sunday school in a few weeks. He used to go, but was always getting sick from all the other children snacking at touching and sharing of toys. My church has decided to try to make the room gluten free (yay!!!) and they asked for a list of craft supplies that are gluten free. Off the top of my head all I could tell them that moon dough was a safe thing to replace the play dough with. I have been looking all over the internet trying to find some printable list, but I cant even seem to find an updated one.

I would hugely appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.

Also if there are anything about preschool besides snacks, and craft supplies I over looked.

Thanks :)

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This is what I have found out only through my own research, calling the companies of supplies currently used in my daughter's classroom. I am in Canada but hopefully this helps!

Gluten Free Items:

UHU glue sticks

Sargent Tempera Paint (all Sargent Products are safe)

Elmers Glue sticks

Elmers ~ All craft products are gluten-free Except their fingerpaint

Crayola ~ Model Magic, Air dry dough, Modeling Clay, fingerpaint (all gluten free)

gluten-free playdough can be bought here:


Now if I could ship this to Canada for a reasonable price I would be happy! I made some gluten-free playdough at home and it was a disaster.

Hope that helps!

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do you have Moon Dough there? Its a little crumbly but my little guy likes it since you can still roll it and put it into molds. inexpensive like play doh which is a plus.

here is a link http://www.moondough.com/

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Ooh, I think I have seen Moon Dough here! Thanks, I will definitley try to get some!

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