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Kidney Problems?

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Hello, ( I posted this on the pre-diagnoses part as well, not sure how many people read both)

I have self diagnosed myself with Celiac Disease back in August. I have been feeling sooooo much better since I have been gluten free. It took me about two years to figure out that I had Celiac Disease and am wondering what kind of damage could I have done to my body within those two years of horrible symptoms.

Before I went gluten free I would get these really sharp pains in my lower right back (the doc says the kidneys). I noticed that when I went gluten free they almost went away. I also noticed if I were to get one of those painful episodes it was always around if I got glutened by something. So since I don't have health insurance I never went to the doctor for it. I finally went the other day because I had a really really really ext... painful episode for about 5 hours. The doctor felt around and said that he felt a mass on my right kidney and he also found blood in my urine. I had a CT scan today and the doctor called me to tell me he was stumped. Everything came back fine, there was nothing abnormal about the scan, he has no idea what is wrong with me. I mentioned to him I believe I have Celiac Disease so he said that it could be causing pain and that when my insurance starts next month to go to a Gastroenterologist. So my question to everyone is... Does anyone know if Celiac can cause kidney problems? And how would the doctor figure it out if I am gluten free? I would hope he wouldn't have to gluten me to figure it out...

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Kidney stones are quite common with celiac disease because of faulty digestion of calcium. I believe that you can also get some kind of nephrotic syndrome/nephritis caused by gluten.

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