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"pizzatown" - gluten-free Pizza Takeout (!) In Halifax/nova Scotia Area

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Just wanted to alert folks in the Nova Scotia area who might be in the area of Halifax/Sackville/Dartmouth...there is a pizzeria chain called "Pizzatown" that makes (and even delivers) gluten free pizzas. I was just in the location on Joseph Howe Drive for the first time, and the owner (and his helper workers) were extremely knowledgeable about celiac disease. The pizza crusts come premade on their own aluminum tray, which is put into a conveyor oven so that the pizza never touches the regular pizza oven floor. They use separate cleaned utensils, and they make sure their sauce/cheese/toppings are gluten free. The staff are all highly trained about cross-contamination. It was a fantastic conversation--the guy really "gets it" about celiac disease. He said in the three years they've been selling gluten-free pizzas at the Joe Howe location, they've never had a single celiac person register a complaint about getting sick. The manager really went out of his way to make sure I understood how careful they are about cross-contamination.

The price was right too--two medium 12" plain pizzas for $18 and change, total. Very reasonable. The pizza's taste? Not bad for gluten-free pizza. I've had better-tasting gluten-free pizza in New York, but for Halifax, for a normal pizzeria chain, for a chain that caters to celiacs?? It was terrific.

They have several locations--check their website:



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