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Scott Adams

Eliminating the Celiac Disease-triggering Properties of Alpha-Gliadin Peptides ... - Celiac.com

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Eliminating the Celiac Disease-triggering Properties of Alpha-Gliadin Peptides ...


Photo: Gluten-free bread--CC-moizissimo Celiac.com 02/16/2011 - A team of researchers recently set out to establish a universal approach to eliminate disease-triggering properties of alpha-gliadin peptides in celiac disease. The research team included ...

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"The findings of the study also provide information for design and introduction of safe gluten genes in other cereals, which would conceivably make them both better in quality, and safe for people with celiac disease."

This is so insane. What about people reacting to other peptides? Either allergic or gluten intolerant?

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Yes, what about those other peptides?

There is a lot of this pseudo science of "improvement" being contemplated right now in commercial GMO world, and if we don't step up and start spreading the news, we are going to be in a world where a large class of people cannot exist.

You would not believe some of the ignorant, nasty things I've heard out of the blogosphere by some of the paid troll- lobbyists on this topic, of food, auto immunity, and disease. Very sadistic in the deliberate spread of misinformation. The few news blog outlets which are more celiac/gluten free tolerant friendly are thought to be unserious.

I think part of the problem is that we just have such a poor level of (true science) education in this country, and the people involved in the actual decision making processes just do not "get it" because they are lawyers. So you have lobbyists for these GMO company affiliates saying things like "you haven't proved that this is harmful, therefore, your anecdote is invalid. Show me the peer reviewed study."

I was reading one of these again today, there's a right wing medical troll on another blog that isn't disclosing, and somebody described some procedure done a long time ago that caused them much physical grief today, and recommended against this for somebody else (the complications and risk are long time known to the medical profession) and the troll immediately used that "you haven't proved it, only an anecdote" phrase in a very controlling manner. Unfortunately the moderation on that site lets these types pretty much run wild.

This is how they (in the main stream media, the wall street journal, the business investment media, the political circus) all tend to treat the subject of diet and health, and eating organic or gluten free. Like a fad done by neurotic people.

Have you heard about what the ethanol industry wants to do with GMO corn ? (Syngenta Biofuels) They want it to decompose faster into sugars, but this property will ruin it for baked goods, tortillas, etc. They actually want to let this corn ruined for FOOD grow in this country which of course would pose a cross pollination hazard. The morons at the USDA actually have said this can start.



This is utter insanity.

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yes! MORONS at the USDA!

its so frightening this science experiment the govt is hell bent on putting us all in <_<

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