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Fiber Issue

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Have a question for you guys. As many of you know over the past few years, I have had many health and GI Issues with no explanation, recently I decided that a food allergy diet may be worth a shot. My main problem is increasing my fiber. Whenever I used to start a healthy diet I had no problem with this. A few months backs I started a healthy again with Gluten before I came to my above mentioned possible conclusion about food allergies. I noticed that all the fiber made me very uncomfortable and gave me D which recently I have been more constipated. The discomfort is bearable, but still all in all its discomfort. I gurgle, my insides rumble, my lower back rumbles, I feel bloated and I get mild pain on my sides and from about an inch or two above my belly button to my groin, not really spasming pain per say, just discomfort.

I recently started up my diet this past sunday again, in which I am excluding gluten. Mentally I am feeling a little sharper not 100% but time will tell. My only issue is that with this gluten free diet, I have been increasing my fiber and it is causing me the discomfort again along with my gurgling and gas issues and this morning i had some D. What do you guys think could be causing this? Anyone else run into this issue? I recently started a new Multi as well. I don't think that is the case, it just makes my pee neon yellow LOL. Only thing I could think of is that fiber doesn't digest and maybe my intestines are already irritated and the fiber rubbing against them is aggrivating it.

Anyways, need some suggestions here guys as to what could be going on.

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