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Gluten-Free in Easton

Fairfield County Celiac Support Group?

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I have been eating gluten free for about a year and it has changed my life. It's my understanding that there is not an active Celiac Support Group in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Is this true? If not I would be interested in forming a group or at least hosting a discussion group in the near future. Perhaps it would be more beneficial to start up a "Meet-up Group" for gluten-free life styles. I have encountered a lot of people who are eating gluten free who actually don't have Celiac disease but benefit from eating gluten free due to inflammatory issues. Although I have not been diagnosed with Celiac disease, I had been told to eat gluten free due to my mixed connective tissue disease.

I know at least a handful of people who would be interested in participating. I have a couple of ideas of places that would be open to hosting a meeting.

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I am very interested in a support group. I have been searching online for the past few weeks and can't find any around home. I live in Monroe.

I also have not been diagnosed with Celiac. I was tested about 10 years ago and was negative. I have recently been diagnosed with Hoshimotos Thyroiditis. After research I found out that I should be Gluten free for that.

I have been trying to be Gluten free for about 3 weeks already.

I just found out that sometimes Gluten Sensitivity can lead to Celiac but I don't really want to go back on it just to be tested again.

Please let me know if this group does start.

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