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Scott Adams Article On Alternative Medicine

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Ok, ok, ok.... I have been gluten-free for about 8 months now - can't believe it's been that long! I have been pretty much down all this time. I couldn't even take care of my daily needs until about 2 months ago, but am getting much better since re-beginning the 10-12 vitamin supplements I have taken throughout my adulthood. (My doctor had told me to stop all supplements after going gluten-free bc he thought they were causing some of my reactions - whatever! I feel like I got some very bad advice there, but was too far gone to figure even that much out for the longest time....) But, I still have muscle pain, foot, hand and face pain, and horrible brain fog, which I am guessing is from peripheral neuropathy. My doctor says I am still not absorbing my good fats so, I did some investigation and ordered all of the supplements Mark taunts in his article and added Pantothenic Acid and Amino Acid complex for the neuropathy. (I know it sounds ridiculous, but I am up to 21 different supplements a day at this point, but, hey, I'm feeling better everyday and seeing progress for the first time.) I love his recommended enzymes! I have just started them and immediately, a lot of the distention I had went down! Yay! But, I have a question... should I be taking the enyzmes at the same time I take all my acids and fish oil, as well as after I eat? I don't normally take them at the same time I eat bc they don't upset my stomach and I'm thinking - maybe, wrongly - that they have a better chance of being absorbed when taken on an empty stomach. Does anyone know? Thank you.

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