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Cadida Yeast Skin Rash

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Hello to this awesome community,

I self diagnosed myself and my children with celiac disease just from my own experiences growing up and so many problems with my body that I could not explain. So we have been gluten free for 4 weeks today. It seems to be an amazing choice since my teenage son's acne has almost completely cleared up and my daughter's inability to keep herself in control over minor things has nearly left. So it is definitely improving our lives.

I started taking 80 billion probiotics 2 weeks ago without much change in myself. Then 3 days ago I stopped drinking coffee and caffeine. After the initial splitting headache I have developed a skin yeast rash. The images on the internet say that it is from candida. If this is true if I continue taking the probiotics will it work it self out and leave on its own. Or do I need to find something different? If it will work out itself out how long will it take because it is itching so intensely. I am use to having eczema but never had anything on my stomache. Just arrrggg. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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That is amazing about your children!

My son's acne also cleared up. And his asthma. And his bad moods.

Oh my what gluten can do to a person!

Are you sure your rash is yeast? Might want to have it checked. A lot of people have noticed DH appearing shortly after they go gluten free. Not sure if this is you or not.

If it is yeast, it should clear up with over the counter antifungals.

However, I will caution you that my son had a rash that was treated for fungus for over 6 months and only later when I learned about DH did I realize that is what it was.

I have DH and it appeared to Dr.'s to be fungus at different times. I too, have taken antifungals and not healed even though treatment continued for months. It wasn't until I learned about DH and avoided gluten and iodine that I STARTED healing. I still have the rash...it takes months to years to go away for some people.

One quick way for you to treat this is to call your Dr. and say you have a yeast infection and they can give you a Diflucan pill. One dose knocks down yeast enough that it should fix your rash.

If the Diflucan does nothing to it, it isn't yeast.

If you want to try to treat it naturally I would continue to take the probiotics, and in addition, open a capsule and wet it and put it on the rash with a bandaid, if the area is small, if it is larger just apply it directly to the rash. It won't hurt anything if it isn't yeast. If it is yeast it will help kill it.

Plain yogurt (no sugar) can do the same thing. It has live cultures that will kill yeast when applied topically.

Good luck, and I hope you will update us on what happens.

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