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Moments Of Joy!

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Don't you just love when you feel completely alone in your opinions on gluten, dairy and the powers of health, and then you catch a show, magazine article, or even a billboard sign that just UNDERSTANDS...

I am watching right now "The Ultramind Solution: Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety..." And it's all about how if we are having symptoms, there is usually something physically putting our bodies out of balance. He is big on gluten and is sharing stories of reversing patients with autism, alheimerz... He is talking about how gluten can cause brain swelling... How depression is a definite symptom, and I just had to share the happiness when I see such important issues being discussed in public!

I was reading home cooking magazine yesterday, and I came upon an article about... a child who discovered they were gluten and dairy SENSITIVE! Not even celiac! isn't that amazing! It then began to list gluten and dairy free recipes. Aaah I love when things like these are surfacing is such a public light!

Ever have a moment like that? Do share :)

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