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Need Ideas

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I second the rice cooker. I have a 6-cup that I use all the time for various grains. You toss them in and can putter off to shower or whatever until it's done. Top it with steamed vegetables and whatever protein you like for a basic meal. I'll make rice for breakfast and finish it off for lunch or dinner; or make it for dinner and finish for breakfast.

A few ideas:

-tuna or tofu & peanut sauce

-black beans and salsa

-curried lentils

-fried or poached eggs

-split peas

-italian seasoned chick peas

2/2010 Malabsorption becomes dramatically noticable

3/2010 Negative IgA EMA; negative IgA TTG

4/2010 Negative biopsy

5/2010 Elimination diet; symptoms begin to resolve on gluten-free diet round two (10 days)

5/2010 Diagnosed gluten sensitive based on weakly positive repeat IgA & IgG TTGs and dietary response; decline capsule endoscopy.

Now, what to do about my cookbook in progress? Make it gluten-free?

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I recently contacted B&G Foods (the manufacturer for Emeril's Stocks) and thought I'd give an update on threads mentioning them so we can have more recent information available:


On Tuesday, November 18, 2014 2:27 AM, "CorporateConsumerAffairs@bgfoods.com" <CorporateConsumerAffairs@bgfoods.com> wrote:

Dear Consumer,


The Emeril's Organic Chicken stock does not contain gluten. 


However, Emeril's Organic Stocks are produced in facilities that contain wheat and gluten ingredients. While every precaution is taken to avoid cross contamination, we cannot guarantee that they do not contain trace amounts of these ingredients from other products that are manufactured within the same manufacturing facility.


Corporate Consumer Affairs 
B&G Foods, Inc.

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Omelette wraps: make an omelette - any flavourings you want - stuff in a corn tortilla with mixed salad greens. I generally keep it simple with a plain omelette cooked in coconut oil (try it - amazing) with a bit of cheese, wrap it up with sliced tomato and baby spinach, perhaps also some baby rocket leaves.

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Here are a few very simple ideas that became lifesavers for me - 


hamburger hash - hamburger, chopped/sliced potatoes, onions, and seasonings.  Make a big batch and it it will last several days.  Add homemade broth for extra nutrition. Tastes great with applesauce as a side.


Fry a pound or two of bacon and keep it in the freezer.  Make quick french toast or eggs and take a couple strips of bacon out of freezer.


Baked potatoes - add lots of toppings, including bacon, ham, or pepperoni for some added protein


My hubs makes a great fried rice with onions, peppers, cherry tomatoes, basil, sweet potato, bacon, chicken or pork.  He just throws in whatever we have on hand with gluten-free soy sauce or coconut aminos.  Sounds basic, but it's so good, filling, and ready in 15 mi


My "go to" is to always have boiled eggs and hummus on hand.  Hummus is good with almost any veggie or gluten-free cracker.  As long as I have some protein on hand, I'm good.


My favorite cookbook for quick and easy meals is Danielle Walker's Meals Made Simple.  Right now, it's 40% at Amazon.  I've tried at least a dozen recipes so far, and haven't found one that I don't like yet.  Hope this helps.  I'm just a step above you in figuring all this out.

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