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gluten-free Unscented Hand Soap/make-Up/donating Items

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Hi all! I just have a few quick questions:

1. Does anybody know of any good gluten free unscented hand soaps?

2. I am not sure, but does make-up have gluten in it? I have had horrible acne for years, and no matter what I try it never goes away and even though I don't wear make-up a lot I believe when I do wear it it affects my face a lot. Soon I would like to try organic/all natural make-up but I can't find any. So, does make-up have gluten in it? If yes, which ones don't? If no, does anybody know of any good "natural" make-ups? Can make-up be organic?

3. Over the past few months I have been given or bought items like hand soap, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, etc. That was before I really hunkered down in the gluten free diet. Now I don't know what to do with all the products. I have unopened and half used bottles of shampoo/conditioner, soap, body wash, facial moisturizer, hand/body lotions, bubble bath gel, and a few other things. What should I do with them? None of my friend or family wants them and there is no where to donate them, especially half used products. Throwing them out would be a waste of money.

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And is there a complete list of all gluten free hygiene items I will need? Thus far I have:



Face wash

Facial moisturizer




Hand soap


Things I am not sure about:

Hair gel

Hair spray

Hand sanitizer

Nail polish/remover



What else might I need to replace?

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Here are a couple places for makeup.



Have you tried a castile soap? Those are mild and might work for you.

Tom's of Maine makes some good toothpastes. Crest and Colgate are for the most part gluten free.

Shikai makes some good shampoos and conditioners and Giovanni does also but do check the labels both will label gluten clearly.

You could try coconut oil or shea butter for dry skin, NOW puts out jars that only have the single ingredient with nothing added.

Garneir if you don't want organic makes a lot of gluten free hair and skin products and Dove and Suave will both also label clearly.

Your unopened products can be donated to your local food bank. Some churches have baskets for donations. Most will not take items that are half used. Perhaps someone will have some ideas for what to do with them.

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This is going to sound crazy but if the opened items are expensive/good quality things you might be able to sell them in a yard sale or on craigslist. Yes, people actually buy that stuff! I wouldn't buy cosmetics from a yard sale but some people do and I have sold stuff like bottles of shampoo and lotion (mostly ones I used once and didn't like so they were still full) and unopened tubes of toothpaste. You could also just post it on craigslist for free to get rid of it. Another option to just get rid of it would be your local freecycle group.

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Okay I will check out Freecycle.

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