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Just Dx'd

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Hello everyone,

I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease 2 months ago. Still having alot of bloating, stomach spasms. IT took 10 years to get final dx. After gallbladder surgery that's what my tummy pain was to find that I didn't need the surgery due to all of my pain initially was celiac. The doctors arre awful in dx this.

I am still feeling so tired. Does anyone else feel this way and how long does it take to feel "normal" again.

Also I am the food. Can't find decent tasting bread. I am fatallly allergic to tree nuts and so hard to find good tasting bread and I cld so go for a Ritz cracker. And where do ppl eat out as I have 2 small kids and can't eat out ever such as McD's, etc.

I just need advise and help. I am so depressed and frustrated. Thank u in advance.


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Hi Shannon,

I don't do bread much myself. I get brown rice tortillas at Trader Joes or Whole Foods instead. Or sometimes I make microwave buns. Or I have in the past made pancake like bread. But really you don't need bread to eat well.

It is good to concentrate on whole foods at first, meats, veggies, fruits etc. Avoiding dairy and soy are also good ideas. Eating out is not impossible, you can search for restaraunts that are certified by the GFRAP program. There are quite a few restaraunts doing gluten-free menus now, but a search on this forum is good idea. They don't all do a good job of gluten-free meals.

Anywho, welcome to the site and Happy day after St. Paddy's Day! :D

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Hi and welcome to the board. It does take some time to heal and it can be a big change. Do check out the restaurant section of the board for suggestions for safe places to eat. It is best to eat as much whole food as you can. Make sure you get a new toaster and replace your pasta strainer, wooden utensils and cutting boards and any scratched nonstick pans. Everyone has different tastes but I like Udi's and Grainless Baker for breads. Kinnickkinnick bread is okay and I keep their pizza shells on hand all the time. They come 4 to a package and are a better deal than many of the others I have found. Most of our breads do need to be toasted or microwaved for best taste and texture. Glutino makes some pretty good crackers.

Do be sure to get your little ones tested and advise all your first degree relatives to also get tested even if they don't think they have any symptoms. Read as much as you can here and feel free to vent when needed. Hopefully you will heal soon and start feeling better.

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