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Breakfast Bar Recipe

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My soon-to-be 3 year old has decided that he is going to skip his nap most of the time (even though he totally still needs them), which means sometimes he's sleeping later in the morning. He's autistic and on a busy therapy schedule, so this might mean breakfast in the car occasionally.

Anyone have a preschooler-friendly, healthy breakfast bar type recipe I can keep on hand?

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If he likes Larabars you can make your own and put in different things. I don't have a recipe I have made them by feel.

I would de-pit and process about 6 dates with either:

Dark chocolate and chopped coconut

shredded carrots , chopped coconut

dried fruits of any kind with a little chocolate or honey

You can also add nuts of anykind.

whatever combo you want.

place on wax paper and flatten to desired thickness or roll ,then refrigerate. cut into shapes and individually wrap for ease . I have kept them for a couple of weeks .

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