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Hi all

i joined the forum yesterday and i am really glad i can talk to others in the same boat.

I was confirmed as celiac on 10/04/11 so im very fresh to the diet i have been very very carefull what i eat and have noticed a change in bloating and stomach pain etc for the better however every now and again i get cramps whether ive eaten or not and bowel movements and type of havnt changed is this normal?

And also does anyone know if maxpax coffee machines have gluten in sorry if thats vage but the vending machine where i work dispenses the powder coffee with whitener and adds water i had one this morning then felt sick and ive had stomach cramps.Is possible that theres a cross contamination there or does the maxpax coffee have gluten?

Thanks for your help and feedback in advance.

Ps sorry one last thing how long before i can see some normality in my bowel habits?

thanks again.

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Hi and welcome to the board. What are you typically eating? It is best to go with whole foods at first and be very, very careful if you eat in restaurants. Is your home gluten free? If not have you gotten a new toaster for your gluten-free breads and are you avoiding sharing condiments, butter, nut butters, jelly etc with folks that are eating gluten? Even a small crumb with reactivate the antibodies and make you sick. As to the coffee question, what you may want to do is to get a thermos and bring your own safe coffee with whatever creamer you usually use from home. I don't know if the coffee you mention is safe or the creamer may not agree with you but it sounds like your body doesn't like it.

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