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Labelling Of Gmo Foods

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As some of you are probably aware by now, I am very much against the genetic modification of our food crops and animals. Monsanto is trying to convince Congress that genetically modified foods need not be labelled, so that we won't know whether we are eating geneticlly modified or not. I thought some of you might like to know that the Institute for Responsible Technology is organising a March this Saturday, called:

"Rally for the Right to Know" March 26th across the US! Genetically Modified Foods need to be labeled!‏

You can find out more information and march locations at the link below: (well, the link didn't work - I will work on it and update)

Added: Primary information at this link: http://www.facebook.com/rallyfortherighttoknow2011

And the following is the additional location info I received by email:

MAIN EVENT: Washington, D.C., 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, The White House Sidewalk (The White House Sidewalk is the sidewalk between East and West Executive Avenues on the South side of Pennsylvania Avenue NW) 11am- 3pm

Dates for ALL locations is Saturday March 26, 2011 and include (alphabetically):

Ann Arbor MI, Southeast corner of Catherine Street and N. 4th Avenue, just south of the A2 Farmers Market and Kerrytown Shops 12pm – 3pm

Albuquerque NM, UNM 12pm - 3pm

Atlanta GA, Around Centennial Olympic Park across from the CNN Bldg. 11am - 4pm

Austin TX, at The Capitol 12pm - 3pm

New York City, City Hall steps, between Broadway and Park Row 12pm - 1pm

Colorado Springs CO, Acacia Park 11am - 1:30pm

Hollywood FL, Open Air Bandshell Theatre on Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, 100 Johnson Street and North Ocean Drive/A1A 11am - 2pm

Indianapolis IN, 200 W. Washington Street #220 12pm - 2pm

Kansas City MO, The Plaza Downtown Kansas City 11am - 3pm

LA CA, Los Angeles (Westwood) Federal Bldg, 11000 Wilshire Blvd. 11am - 2pm

Maui HI, in front of Long's streetside on Ka'ahumanu Ave in Kahului 8am - 11am

Milwaukee WI, Water and Wisconsin 11am - 2pm

Montpelier VT, Outside CITY HALL 11am - 3pm

Nashville TN, Nashville Farmers Market, 900 Rosa Parks Boulevard (Eighth Avenue North) 10am - 1pm

Queen Creek AZ, Safeway Food Store, Queen Creek, Arizona East valley Power and Queen Creek road 12pm - 1pm

Saint Paul MN, Minnesota State Capitol Building - South Mall, 75 Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd 12pm - 2pm

Salem OR, 900 Court St. NE, Salem, Oregon 97301 12pm - 3pm

Seattle WA, Westlake Park 12pm - 2pm

Tampa Bay FL, Downtown 11am - 2pm

We urge you to forward this information to your networks. And click here to visit our site and post this alert to Facebook.

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This lack of labeling could be a potential, future nightmare for people with food allergies and food sensitivities resulting in auto immune disease from consuming a protein they react to, which was not supposed to be in the original food object.

Examples, adding genes of one plant to another plant. Allegedly drought tolerant Rice with barley, anyone ?

The corn food industry, via the North American Miller's Association, is also extremely worried about corn designed for ethanol getting turned loose into the general food corns accidentally, because this new GMO designer ethanol corn would ruin the texture of foods. This is called Enogen Alpha Amylase GMO Corn and it has an enzyme that lets it break down faster. You know how we home gluten free bakers are always working on texture in our baked goods, so things don't crumble apart, by replacing the wheat's gluten with another ingredient which mimics the stickiness ..... guess what the USDA said was okay. Article here from 2/11/11 DesMoines Register http://blogs.desmoinesregister.com/dmr/index.php/2011/02/11/vilsack-clears-industrial-biotech-corn/

Regular folks, they're coming for your corn chips now. Don't say we didn't try to warn you.

This is a real and current scientific issue, and I have been disappointed to see such an online presence in the blogosphere of attacks on this cross contamination concept, not only promoting all GMO's as absolutely harmless, insisting that any concerns are invalid, but also attacking the gluten free diet and gluten intolerance and gluten insensitivity as "fads" and "foody trends" which are not "science based." Lots of anonymous names making these claims or linking to these pro GMO "science news" sources, lots of verbal abuse and twisting of what a science based process is like, which is not the same as assessing business risk for marketing purposes, nor the impact of diet on medical needs.

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