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Backpacker's Pantry Ok?

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Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with Backpacker's Pantry non-gluten containing products. I am going to be part of a backpacking trip for work in Mexico and I have to give them a what-to-purchase list. We won't have any refrigeration so I am pretty limited in what I can bring. I know that Backpacker's Pantry has an allergen guide, but I'm worried about cross-contamination - has anyone had any luck, or been glutened by their products?



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I haven't tried their stuff for backpacking, so I can't chime in on that.

One thing you can consider doing is making your own food - many things dehydrate and rehydrate well. (Chili is great for this!)

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Great question! I need stuff like this too, as we go on hunting trips. This season will be the first year I go as a wheat allergy person.

I'm still digging around the internet for anawers to the Backpacker's pantry, nothing good yet.

I did find this though. Here's a link to a forum where they are discussing gluten-free MRE's (meals ready to eat), with a link to a company that offers allergen free MRE's. I'm still studying it myself, but here is the link for you to look at too.

Forum link:


The MRE link:

http://www.aaoobfoods.com/KosherMREshelfstable.htm#Allergy Free

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