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Tell Me About Your Journey

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Hi fellow GFers!

My name is Kate. I'm a graduate student getting my masters degree to be a physician assistant, and am working on a patient education project regarding celiac disease and gluten intolerance. I was looking for some people to tell me about their journey and how changing their diet has changed their lives.

I want to use some quotes from real people in my project, so if you don't mind me using your words, please comment and tell me how you're doing.

A little about me: I was diagnosed gluten intolerant in February 2008 after great success with the diet despite a negative blood test. Previously I had been told everything from IBS to being "a too-stressed young woman". :/ Now, I'm happily gluten free, feeling soooo much better, and hoping to expand awareness and education through my profession.

Thanks for you help. Happy free-eating! :)

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