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Lactose Free Also?

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I've thought that I was lactose intolerant for about 2 years, but now realizing I may be Celiac I am not sure if I actually am. I know it's possible for it to CAUSE lactose intolerance, but now I don't know if I actually am.

I have never been able to give up lactose completely, I love cheese. That's really the only thing I eat, and occasionally sour cream. If I have to start a gluten-free diet, it's going to be too hard to go completely lactose free too. I feel like there's nothing I can have. Will comsuming small amounts of lactose actually delay the healing, or does it just make you feel bad, like a regular lactose intolerant person? As long as I am not eating gluten does it matter if I have a little lactose sometimes? I hope I'm making sense.

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I had this question myself but since you have already posed the question, I will just include my situation to bump your post and see if we can get an answer.

My teenage son has been gluten free for 5 months. I suspect dairy is effecting him badly as he still has D but he believes it is OK to eat dairy because he loves cheese and he is willing to put up with the side effects of eating cheese and ice cream.

He argues that eating dairy may cause intestinal distress but it isn't actually damaging his intestines and he feels he has had to give up so many foods that he doesn't want the limitation that eliminating dairy would give him. Cheeseburgers and nacho's are pretty much daily food.

I need to know how seriously to take this and whether or not to insist that he gives up cheese. He believes D is normal for him. He isn't getting gluten because that causes all out illness immediately that lasts for days.

So I am interested in the question you pose. Does dairy do damage or is it just inconvenient bothersome symptoms?

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