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Some Poetry

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I've been having to write a lot of poetry exercises for a class I am in, and I thought you guys might appreciate some of the ones I have written about celiac. I was recently diagnosed so it was on my mind a lot.


with glee


bring thing for devouring

never calling to mind

intestine incarnadined

(the test warned you but

you never listen do you)

cells crying out

hereabout, thereabout

everything aflame. your blame.


ginger tea and

peppermint tea

multivitamin with iron

Rx and OTC medicine (toxic)


internal organ anger or

mere fatigue?

either way...

I'll do whatever I can to

make peace.

healing takes time, so they say

I am tired of this waiting game.

Preoccupied with near-invisible particles of (possibly)

contaminated dust covering every surface (in my

imagination or reality there is no way

to tell). Familiar pain stays with me

like an old friend who backstabs mercilessly.

If only my hope didn't have an

expiration date. But who put that there?

It is the body destined to die,

after all. Not the soul. Not my

soul. But if I fall apart at

the seams, if I bleed out, surely

the soul leaks out too, like pus?

If it is truly part of me,

couldn't--shouldn't--it catch my body's infection?

All this food for the soul going

undigested. Like whatever else my antibodies attack.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.

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Ahh, finally some poetry about celiac! Love it, thanks for sharing. It's gud to get that stuff outta yur gutz once in a while... :)

Hmm, what we need is a play about celiac disease though, along the Shakespearean lines of tragedy and romance. Poetry is definitely a step in the right direction. Congratz on the poems getting out and about!

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Your poetry is just what I needed this evening. I thank you! And I hope you'll post more along the journey.

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Real, serious poetry. We have had some poetry on the Tickle me thread but its more along the lines of:

There once was a woman from Nantucket,

Who upchucked in a bucket....

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