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Don't Know What Is Wrong

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I will have been gluten free for two years in June.

I have been having digestive issues for a couple of weeks. Diarrhea, nausea, intermittent vomiting. I went to the doctor and first they suggested that it was a stomach virus and should go away in 7-10 days. But it didn't. I went back and they took blood and stool samples (bacteria and parasites). The only finding was that I was slightly anemic. I am going back this week hopefully. I was thinking that maybe it is lactose intolerance, until I ate a kiwi and it came through with parts of it undigested a couple hours after eating. Any guesses as what this could be? I know people say that people can become lactose intolerant after going gluten free, but two years later? What specifically should I ask to be tested for when I go see the doctor this week?


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I would get your celiac panel redone just to see. I did well for the first year gluten free then I started having issues again. Diarrhea, heartburn/reflux, belching, pale stools and pain in my right upper abdomen. I thought it was my gallbladder. Had tests and did find I had a underfunctioning gallbladder but not bad enough for surgery. It was still functioning at 48% at the time. I ended up a few months later having a repeat EGD and the doctor found esophagitis (expected because of the reflux), gastritis, small stomach ulcer, and inflammation in the duodenum. According to the path reoprt there was no villi blunting though. So.. I went on zantac for a few months to heal the ulcer but the other symptoms were getting worse. My doctor wanted to lable me with refractory celiac and put me on steroids. I refused them and told him I would look for other things to eliminate in my diet. He put me on creon also. I found out that I was reacting to all Bobs Red Mill products from the gluten free oat contamination. I had almost exclusively ate BRM products from day one of diagnosis. I knew I couldn't tolerate gluten free oats when I ate them 7 months into the gluten free diet but never gave the cc from them a thought. It really took awhile to bother me. I solidified my theory by eating some gluten free bakery products made from BRM products at Disney in Jan. It took about three days but all heck broke loose. So my point is maybe you are reacting to a gluten free product and you are not aware. I thought I was doing everything right then that popped into play. I also don't eat anything processed on shared equipment. I only eat some processed stuff now and I am much better. Not 100% though, because I think the celiac flare up caused more damage to my gallbladder. It gives me problems more than it did before. I also think the other findings from my last scope were caused by the gluten free oat/gluten contamination.

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