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I was wondering if anyone here has issues with milk? I tried lactaid milk and still have issues. Whenever I consume it, I get tightness around my abdominal area, anxiety/panic feeling and my chest feels heavy and I also feel little dizzy and weird. Then I have constipation and feel bloated. I also think certain types of milk cause my symptoms to flare up. With cheese or yogurt its not so bad. Organic milk seems to be the worst! Anyone here has similar symptoms? Also, how long does it take for the symptoms to subside and go away? Just wondering...

Its been 8 months now and I'm still malabsoring Vitamin D, Iron and B12. I do take supplements but if I stop them my levels start to go down. Is this normal? Does it take time to stabilize these levels? My doctor thinks it can take up to 2-3 years... Plz advice!

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I knew about 5 years before my gluten intolerance, or celiac disease that I was intolerant to milk. It got to the point when I was reacting with diarhea in 15 minutes even after eating just a little amount of cheese. I bought the Lactaid milk instead of regular, but I din't liked the taste of it, and I still went to the bathroom.

Last year in May I had pain on the left side of the stomach for four days. After ER wisit I saw a gastroenterologist. I had upper endoscopy (positive, but only MarshI - beginning of celiac disease). The doctor told me that I can eat gluten freely, but I stopped. It was a big mistake on my part. I tested negative on blood test after not eating gluten for about 3 weeks and 2 weeks before that on a very strict diet (just water, some breat( maybe a half of slice in 2-3 days), rice, meat cooked in water with some salt, potato, pretzels, soup-broth). On top the doctor checked only one thing in my blood work, related to the celiac disease. Doctors should check 4-5.

I went on line and found this forum. I read about the celiac disease and all my symptoms were here. I didn't knew what to do and then I had one idea- to see my allergologist. She did the test - injections, not prick test for milk and wheat. I found out that I have milk allergy, or casein allergy in addition to my milk intolerance. I also found out that I had delayed reaction to wheat which is the symptom of wheat intolerance, or celiac disease.

If you have a problem even with Lactaid milk, try to see a allergologist to rule out casein allergy.

We should avoid dairy for 1 year anyway on gluten free diet.

It's easy sad than done. I don't want to scare you, but the cheese substitution are horrible. Some people here like it , but I don't. I found some "ok" yogurt from coconut milk (So Delicious).

I miss my dairy!!!!

Instead I'm eating vitamins like you. The avoidance of gluten is ok for me, but the avoidance of real milk, butter, whip cream or ice cream isn't. Their taste isn't repleasable. But we must do what need to be done - avoid all intolerances, allergies because they makes us very sick.

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