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International Travel On Gluten/dairy Free Diet

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My 2-year old daughter and I both need to eat a gluten and dairy free diet and my daughter has also a severe nut allergy. We will soon need to take a trip to Germany to visit grandparents. It is usually a 20-24h trip door-to-door. I am so afraid of this trip since I have no idea how I am going to take the few fresh foods my picky eater likes to eat with me. Any ideas would be highly appreciated. We will need to go through airport security twice, I am concerned that a little cooler will not make it through, I am not even sure if it is allowed. Perhaps there are some airlines that are more prepared for special diets?

Thank you.


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I just got back from a trip to the Caribbean which is an International flight from the US. You absolutely CANNOT bring Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, they also refused things like ham and salami. We knew in advance so we were prepared. Even with a letter from a DR you will not be allowed to take those items onboard as it is a disease/health risk. Make sure you have that letter anyways just in case something is questioned.

I packed a portable cooler NO ICE or ICEPAKs as that is liquid and gel and not allowed. I put my portable cooler bag in the freezer the night before loaded with what I was taking and it lasted the 14 hours it took til we got to our room and a frig.

we froze and packed before hand, foods we needed for our trip:


gluten-free hotdogs

cheese sticks

chex trail mix with dried fruits in it

3 PB and J sandwiches

1 loaf bread

2 gluten-free bagels

frozen gogurts

you can also pack a few hard boiled eggs, but plan on eating those early in trip to avoid any lingering smells

We packed in our cases boxed food we needed also.

If you just need to pack for the airplane ride only, freeze the portable cooler pack the day before. You can bring icepaks and dump them before you go thru security, but MAKE sure you dump them or it becomes a hassle.

good luck

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You might want to call your airlines and ask about meals some are now offering gluten-free, also you may be able to take canned fruit the kind with pop top might be fine, ask.

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I would ask your GI or Pediatrician to write you a letter stating that she has celiac/severe dietary restrictions/allergies and there fore you will need to bring exra/special food for her.

Also contact the airlines as some of them are able to accomodate special dietary needs. Some airlines are definitely more accommodating than others!

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