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Is My Xanthan Gum Expired?

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I bought my first package of Bob's Red Mill Xanthan Gum last week, and I had just opened it to make cookies when I saw the sell by date - 3/26/2010. I had already put it into my batter (the cookies came out delicious, by the way), but I did notice that the xanthan gum had a strong smell to it (I don't know what it's supposed to smell like normally, though).

Is it expired? Or is the sell by date okay? I hope it's not something I could get sick from. How long is xanthan gum good for? Despite it being opened should I go to the store and ask for my money back on grounds that they shouldn't be selling expired products?

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I never use Bob's Red Mill but Many of us use it after the date... Always check the date before buying... But if it was stored in a dry, cool spot it will be fine....I use NOW brand & I don't think it smells so maybe someone who uses BRM will comment about the smell.....

I know people on another site tha tuses it indefinitly with no problems....

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