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Week One

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I have been gluten free for one week after feeling awful for a year. After the birth of my DS, I have not had a day without excessive cramping and odd bathroom habits. I self diagnosed with IBS-D and have many symptoms that are Fibromyalgia like. I tried getting a diagnosis, but just keep scheduling appts and getting more bloodwork without any answers. With a newborn and a five year old to take care of, I just kind of gave up and lived with the aches and pain.

After a lot of research, decided to give the gluten free lifestyle a try. I still am having a little cramping and the bathroom habits are still not regular. How long does it take for the D to go away? The cramping? Anyone feel any relief from muscle aches/fatigue or bursitis after giving up gluten?

Any help is greatly appreciated?

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It gets better and better but there are the setbacks you have to deal with. You might try (I have but nobody will listen) to get someone to treat you for small bowel overgrowth. I'm going to schedule my endoscopy and colonoscopy after I get done with the hematologist and then I am going to find someone that will treat that for me. I honestly don't care who I have to go to. I am much better as far as the diarrhea goes but I still have problems with mucous first thing in the AM but nobody will listen to me about it. From all the reading I've done it sounds like that might be one problem as to why this doesn't resolve better.

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