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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


Support Groups In The Inland Empire

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Hello. My name is Tamara. I am looking for a support group in the Inland Empire or surrounding area of Riverside, San Bernardino in California. Any suggestion?

Tamara, a search didn't find a group, but maybe we could sort of do it online for now. In the interest of full disclosure, there's no certainty of celiac here. My youngest stopped spitting up/throwing up every day when I removed wheat from his diet, something I wouldn't have thought of if I hadn't already done it for the older boy for behavior. But my baby cannot have testing done yet as he's not two. However, the treatment needed is still the same. I've gotten pretty good at baking gluten free in just a few short months, only to realize I get to start over because the same baby has trouble with almonds and the doctor recommended we avoid all tree nuts.

I live in San Bernardino where we have no Henry's nearby and where the best store for gluten free products is Clark's (OMG expensive). It would be great to have someone to share recipes with and to share finds with. Also, when it's kids that suffer, it seems so much harder to make them understand why they can't eat what everyone else is. It's hard to even get the folks outside the immediate family to understand or even accomodate our needs, which is so frustrating.

I'd really like to see if more Inland Empire folks will come out of the woodwork if we start having an active thread, or even if we put together a yahoo group.


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Hope you are still checking this thread because we have a new support group in Hemet that just started a few months ago & we're growing. We meet the second Saturday of every month at 9:30 a.m. at the Red Robin in Hemet (entrance to the side door). You can contact Jenny at 951-288-5999 for more info.

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