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Shared Facilities & "washing It Away"

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I apologize for posting something that may have been talked about at infinitum but I can't see to find an 'archive' section and I'm new to the Forum.

My specific question has to do with products that are processed on shared lines; specifically beans, rice, lentils, etc.; things with a hard outer coating that are soaked and then cooked. Are beans and rice, which are some times processed on shared lines, safe if they are washed prior to cooking. Does a thorough washing and rinsing flush potential contaminants? Or does that little insidious gluten stick like glue?

Is there any research that has been done in regards to gluten detection in foods that are 'minimally processed on shared lines' but can be washed prior to cooking? Or is it a case of, "Well, I think..."

Which leads me to also wonder about delis and meat slicing equipment or other shared facility processing venues. If the operator has processed something with wheat but washes the equipment before slicing a gluten-free meat, what's the likelihood of contamination? I've seen the posts/thoughts on cookware but I still wonder if anyone has done scientific research to settle some of these discussions.

Sorry for all the questions, my wife and I are working through questions such as this in regards to our 4-year old son. We're a year in to it and finding there is always something to educate yourself on... We certainly appreciate resources such as this.


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