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Moving Into A Gluten Eatting House

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I am moving in with a friend who eats gluten. I have to do this because of financial reasons. We will keep our food in separate places, use our own dishes and cooking stuff. What other things should we do? The kitchen is really really small so there isn't really space for us both to have our own cooking space. Any advice is much appreciated. If you need more information to give advice please ask. Thanks.

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I live in a house of gluten-eaters. I know many think it's impossible, and it might be for some, but I do just fine.

-I'm sure you know this already since you mentioned the dishes, but don't share pots and pans, cutting boards, wooden spoons, etc. either.

-Don't be around while there's gluten baking happening, if there's going to be any. Be sure your friend is going to wipe everything everywhere down with soap and water when they are finished.

-Don't share butter, jam, peanut butter, anything that could potentially be contaminated by a gluten-covered knife. Do not trust your friend to have to remember to use a clean knife every time, mistakes will be made.

-If necessary, mark certain foods with a colored sticker or something like that to know whether they are or are not safe for you.

-Think about whether you are your friend will be preparing food together, and if so, do you trust him or her to safely make your food? Some of us here just are not able to eat anything made by other people because they can't know for sure that it's safe. I live with my boyfriend's family and I trust his mother to prepare food with/for me because she "gets it" and is probably even more careful than I am about avoiding contamination.

-Consider certain chores that may or may not be possible for you to do safely, if you're going to divide up chores.

-Are there any pets eating gluteny food that you might have to watch out for?

I'm sure other people will have more tips and things to think about.

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