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New To This Gluten-Free-Ness

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I'm Sarah, I'm 17 (18 in a month), and I'm from Seattle.

I have been off of gluten for a little more than a month now. Well, at least trying to be off gluten. I recently realized how much hidden gluten there is which leads me to believe that I haven't been completely gluten-free.

The first few weeks I was doing pretty well because I hadn't gotten sick of tacos and salads yet. But lately, I have just been having a really hard time. Between not eating real food or not eating anything until 2 in the afternoon because I couldn't find stuff to eat at school that was worth eating (as in the safe food was disgusting and not real food) and I have this immense jealousy whenever I see someone eat wheat - as you all probably know is several times a day. And I really am not that jealous in other areas of my life. In fact, I can only think of a few occasions I have actually been jealous.

The hardest thing though isn't all of that though.

I am graduating this year, actually in less than 2 months. Which is great! I mean, I'm super excited...but...there are at least five situations where I am dreading the gluten-free situation. Situations I can't avoid and I don't really have time to eat before hand. And then there are events that my friends and I have planned since September which involve food and I just don't know how I will go about them without causing a scene. I mean, really, talking to the waiters and waitresses for five minutes about hidden gluten causes quite the scene (especially when they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed...).

I am also dreading what happens with dorm food next year but I will worry about that later because I have a few months.

So I guess I am asking is there anyway to make these difficult situations easier? or has anyone else experienced the same jealousy?

It's really nice finding this board to know I'm not alone.



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Hi Sarah! No... you're not alone. Yes gluten is hidden everywhere! Sauces, bars, juice, toothpaste, medicine, chips, and then the obvious, cookies, cake, pasta... etc. As for eating at school, come on! You gotta eat! You need to pack a lunch... I know it takes extra time, but you need to. Make a gluten-free sandwich, or take dinner leftovers. Be creative! Make a salad or take something else thats gluten-free. Also, there is a lot of "real food" that is gluten-free. So many things are naturally gluten-free, and when you see "real food" that's not... odds are it's processed, packaged and not "real." Visit a store such as Whole Foods. They have great gluten-free options. But now even Safeway and Frys have a gluten-free section. However, I find that gluten-free options are best a Whole Foods. They carry bread, pasta, cake, cupcakes, donuts, muffins, bagels... almost everything you can imagine. Regarding your five events, you need to pack food before and bring it with. Or make sure they are serving something you can eat. And generally you don't need to cause a scene in restaurants. Most staff now understand gluten-free or have a kitchen staff who does. As always, if you don't want to cause a scene, just stick with something safe like a salad. I always make sure to simply order last with the waiter next to me so I'm not screaming across the table. I don't explain everything to death, just have them ask if there's any wheat in the food. You can always get a Celiac Awarness sheet online, or call ahead. It makes things so much easier. I have experienced something like jealousy. It's easier for them to get whatever, but I know that it will make me sick, so it evens out. Just make sure to pack your food and you will be fine. Tell them what happens if you eat it... tell them to look it up. They will be better than you think. I know it seems impossible, but it gets easier. Been doing it for a year this week! Good Luck (:

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