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This Is Ridiculous, Everything Has Gluten In It.

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My understanding is that 1 in 133 have Celiac (whether it has been diagnosed or not).  I understand your frustration.  It does seem like an impossible diet at first.  You are actually lucky to live in Europe.  Restaurants seem to be more accomodating than in the U.S.  As for bread products, I order from www.kinnikinnick.com.  I really love their muffins and donuts for a treat.  All vegetables and fruits are gluten free in their natural form.  Plain meat (steak, chops, etc) will be gluten free. Potatoes are safe (boiled, baked, fried-- just not breaded or in a sauce thickened with flour)  I have been gluten free for over a year.  I have been able to travel all oveer Europe and the U.S. without difficulty.  By the way, your parents may very well be celiacs, so you may as well tell them as soon as possible.    Good Luck!


Thank you Pegster, another thing I am curious about is in that same area, it mentions that if there is hydrolyzed vegetable protein in the product, the label will say so. Somewhere I have read that if it says hydrolyzed corn protein instead of vegetable protein, that is ok. Do you feel this is true?


Diagnosed with celiac disease July 8, 2005 by endoscopy and colonoscopy.

Rediagnosed with Celiac Sprue August, 2006 with positive duodenal and small bowel biopsies.

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I've been feeing really bad for about a year, now I have finally been dianosed with celiac disease.

I dont understand this I was eating gluten foods for all the prior 18 years of my life, how can I suddenly be allergic to gluten.

I'm a young man, I can't eat gluten free stuff only, I don't even know what has gluten in it or not and it seems pretty much everything. I hate food shopping too. If it was just bread I couldn't eat  I guess I could handle that but glutens in everything.....

Is there any other way to get back to the way I was before. I really dont wanna learn about this disease and be sick.

This diet is completely unworkably for me, does that mean I'm completely screwed?

Thanks for any help,


Dear Greg, I want you to know that your reaction is familiar to all of us. I tried to deny it and I didn't want to learn about the diet but it is the only way to feel better and you will feel better. I eat very little gluten-free foods, except for the pizza and a few frozen foods. Most foods have at least one brand of gluten-free food, such as Bush Baked Beans, Oscar Meyer hot dogs, etc. Just think of it as substituting not giving up your favorites.

As for telling other people, friends and family, I think of it as spreading the word. My husband,who loves to talk to people, tells everyone he comes in contact with all about the disease and the diet. He is even in the process of being tested for it because he has severe pain, numbness, and tingling in his legs and the Drs are clueless. You may be helping others who are having problems.

In the beginning, keep it simple so your gut can heal. I spent a whole summer living on chicken, pork, rice, potatoes,veggies and fruit. Most of these meals are very simple and easy to prepare and shouldn't make you any sicker. I found that

peppermint tea was very helpful. I also had to give up dairy because I had severe neurological symptoms.

I hope you feel less depressed about this. Keep on reading on this board, it has been a lifeline for me!


The one resolution, which was in my mind long before it took the form of a resolution, is the key-note of my life. It is this,always to regard as mere impertinences of fate the handicaps which were placed on my life almost at the beginning. I resolved that they should not crush or dwarf my soul, but rather be made to blossom, like Aaron's rod, with flowers-Helen Keller

Judy- Gluten Intolerant

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Hello everyone

I have a 16 month old daughter that had the bloodwork come back elevated for the antibodies. Now the next step is to do endoscopy. Ever since she was a year old we noticed she was losing weight. I was really concerned because she started looking like she was malnourished, but she would eat more than I would. Finally her pediatrician scheduled her an appointment at Pittsburgh Childrens Hospital on the 14th. We went and had her bloodwork done that day. So now we have to wait for the endoscopy appointment. I'm glad to see there is support for this disease. She is a picky eater so any suggestions on foods she will like or where I can get them? Any help would be great



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go to the parents of kids with celiac disease section and browse through old posts. There are plenty of great answers to your questions there! :)

I believe in God.

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Hi Groggle,

I have only been on the gluten-free diet for 2 months and I must say, it is getting easier all the time. Keep reading here, these guys are fantastic, supportive, and full of knowledge on this disease. I felt very overwhelmed about it and for a week all I ate was chicken breast meat and green salad with cidar vinegar. Now I am eating nachos (pretty much all white corn tortillas are fine), cheeseburgers (Kinnikinnick buns), pasta salads (Tinkyada pasta) Mac & Cheese, Mrs. Leepers makes some great Hamburger Helper "type" of mixes, real easy & quick (Chicken Alfredo, Beef Stroganoff, Beef Lasagna) I drink Coke, and eat 3 Muskateers bars. Oh by the way, I do eat Fruits and Vegetables too, not all junk food. :lol:

The biggest thing though is how good I feel. Everyone has a different time frame on how they heal and what they can tolerate. I was one of the lucky ones. Once I completely eliminated gluten, I noticed increased energy in less than a week. I slept less, I had wayyyyyyyy less bowel movements, I didn't have the "sick/nausea" feeling after I ate something, and the bone pain in my legs was less. It was quite a change from how I felt before. Try it please, it gets easier, I promise, and it is so worth it. Good luck!


gluten-free since 05/19/05

Positive Bloodwork

Patty from Maine

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It takes a while to get used to, and it takes a while to find the best stores, restaurants, and support groups/people near you. I would think there must be stuff in Ireland because recent research has shown that Ireland has THE HIGHEST rate of celiac anywhere in the world - 1 in 50 people. For the USA it's 1 in 133. So you should be in good company :)


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