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Iga Levels And Testing For Celiac In Baby

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Can anyone help me understand please...my daughter had blood tests done recently when ill and it came back with a low iga level. She is 14 months and is still being breastfed so low iga is a ???. She is always ill which with no antibodies is possibly why but where have they gone between my breastfeeding and her system??? So far that's all we have to go on. At the time, i think she was tested for celiac but we were never given results. I have since heard that as the celiac test was done before the blood test showed up low iga, then the celiac result would be negative and that another test would need to be done to confirm celiac if it is present. She has all the other symptoms and i am trying, unsuccessfully, to find someone who will confirm we need a gluten free diet. For those who read my other post, i apologise if i am repeating but i have different confusions which i hope i can find answers to here. Many thanks for any advice

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