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Cara in Boston

Children's Hospital Of Boston Celiac Support Group

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My 6 year old will be so excited to see the box that is addressed to him and full of all kinds of gluten free treats. (I had to open it earlier)

It is a re-usable shopping bag full of cookies, chips, baking mixes, etc. as well as a coloring book and lots of information and coupons. I'm so impressed. He is going to be thrilled (and his older brother will be so jealous).

Way to go Children's Hospital volunteers.

Just thought I'd share . . . we feel so lucky that we ended up there for our care. Next week we are attending a gluten-free Nutrition class there. I'm just so impressed.


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We like them too. They also have a facebook page you can 'like' if you use facebook. They post useful stuff https://www.facebook.com/ChildrensCeliac. Also Glutenus Minimus is a good bakery if you need cupcakes etc. It's a nice place to bring your kid because he can pick out anything.


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