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susan 5560

Dh Or Dermatits

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when i was a kid i had allergy tests and was found to be allergic to wheat. i have always had intestinal problems like severe gas, bloating constipation and other strange things like muscle pain aching etc. was tested for MS at one point with strange symptoms like numbness and tingling vision problems

now i am much older and have non stop heartburn (i know that comes with aging) and i developed these strange skin spots that come up every once in a while ...they start as a little pimple like bump, kind of looks like a hive with a little top on it and it is itchy then i dont know if i scratch it but it develops into almost a crater looking sore, or is depressed into my skin with a scab on it. it will clear up over a week but is itchy and if i scratch it it will bleed easily.

so researching (its what i do) i found the DH pictures and it sounds and looks like what i have so i tried the iodine test

was fine for 3 days and then on the fourth day the square stain developed very tiny raised itchy bumps that were very itchy and burned but i dont think there was any blisters.

MY QUESTION is this just an allergic reaction to the iodine or could it be DH....?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to provide me an answer......much appreciated

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Yes you could be celiac and yes you could have DH. Heartburn is not part of the ageing process something is causing it. A doctor can biopsy the skin next to an active lesion to look for DH. Make sure they are looking for DH and be aware that as with all celiac testing false negatives are possible. After you are done with all celiac related testing then try the diet out for a couple of months and eliminate gluten from your toiletries and also drop iodine. The test you did with the iodine is the way that DH was diagnosed in the 'old days'.

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