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Confused About Healing Time, Labs, Thanks For Your Help!

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I have some questions that I could really use your help with. I suspected I had Celiac Disease about 14 months ago and began eating gluten free.

My symptoms were bad D at least a few days/week, GI upset just about every day, bloating/pain in abdomen after meals, severe headaches daily, weight loss, anemia, severe mood swings after meals, severe lethargy, and waking up with swollen eyelids and hands each morning.

After seeing about 10 doctors who tested me for every disease under the sun (but Celiac Disease), I was told I was fine and really felt like I never want to see another doctor again. So, I completed an Enterolab test in April 2010 for anti-gliandin (only did one test due to finances. I am a college student). My results for anti-gliandin were 68 with <10 being normal. I had already been eating gluten-free for two months before taking this test.

Since it has been a year since my last test, and about 14 months gluten free, I decided to take another test through enterolab. This time I ordered the anti-gliandin and anti-tissue transglutamate. Anti-gliandin was 15 with <10 being normal, and TTG was 4 with <10 being normal.

Every single one of my symptoms has gone away on a gluten free diet except I still have occasional bad GI upset (mostly after eating out), and my morning facial and hand swelling is still present but has decreased by about 80%.

Since I am braving this alone without the help of a doctor, I thought I would turn to you with my questions:

If my tTg was normal does that mean I don't have Celiac? Or, does it return to normal after a little time on a gluten-free diet? My Dad is IgA defiecient, if I am would that effect my tTg levels?

Is it possible I still haven't completely healed after 14 months if I do have Celiac? My symptoms are just about gone but not completely, but I really thought they would be gone by now. I dont feel like I am reacting to any other foods but gluten.

I will definitely keep eating gluten-free. I just wish I knew if I had Celiac or not. My friends/family always ask and I am not sure what to tell them. I feel like such a hypochondriac sometimes (even though I know my symptoms are very real).

Thank you all so much for your help!

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Your tests returning to normal levels is what is supposed to happen after you go gluten free. You mention that you are still getting GI issues usually after eating out. What is most likely happening is your getting cross contaminated at the restaurants. Are you letting the places you eat at know that you need them to take the proper precautions with your meals? Even if you do there is always a bit of a risk in many places but some are better than others. If you can choose places that have a gluten free menu that would be helpful. Don't worry about what others think. You know you have an issue with gluten and your testing has shown that you are doing a pretty good job with the diet.

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