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Hello everyone! I am new to this site and well, to the whole Celiac Disease thing as well. My daughterwho is 7 years old was just diagnosed with having Celiac Disease. She will be having a biopsy in the next few weeks to confirm the diagnosis. She has bellyaches and sometimes gets ulcers in her mouth but she has only missed school one day this year do to belly pain. Her gastro do was surprised that her blood testing came back, in his words "strongly positive". I was surprised as well. So my question is, could the fact that she has taken probiotics since she was born have helped with the pain and symptoms? Will the biopsy show up negative because of this and should I take her off probiotics until after the biopsy? I am so new to all this and I have so many questions! BTW, my 10 year old son, my hubby and myself will be tested as well. I am so happy that I came across this site! :)

Thanks for any feedback you can give me!

Have a great Sunday! :D

Side note ~ she was having a lot of other blood testing done and because of large bm's and occasional bellyaches, the doc decided to throw the celiac test in as well and we all are thankful he did.

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Hi Runningdoe, welcome to the forums. keep in mind that even though her blood test was positive prepare for the biopsy to possibly negative. A lot of Celiacs have been told that they are not celaic because the dr can biopsy in the wrong spot by not taking the sample or samples in the right spot. Even if it is negative take her gluten free immediately and she will have a lot of relief. I advise you to read, read read, you will be so surprised at all what can happen if she dosen't stay gluten free.

For some of us it has taken 20 to 30 years to be diagnosed. Some of us has had negative blood tests and biopsys and still need to be gluten free. That is known as Non Celiac gluten Intolerance. The gluten screws us up just as bad as if we had been diagnosed.

Again, welcome to the forums.


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Thank you, Txplowgirl. I have been reading and trying to learn....there is so much to learn!! Her doctor told me that the biopsy might come back neg but if so she should still go gluten free. He also said her test was strongly positive. I am not sure exactly what that means except just that it was positive! LOL

I am so happy that I have found this site. I am sure I will learn so much from everyone on here.

BTW ~ I was noticing all the things that you have given up. I went "mostly" caffeine free in Jan. of 2010 and I feel so much better! I just can't give up my one morning coffee though. :D

Have a great night and thanks for replying!

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Hello and welcome.

My 6 year old son was just diagnosed.

I was just going to suggest that in the weeks leading up to the biopsy, use the time to try out some gluten-free items so that when the time comes to go gluten-free you will already have found alternatives you like for things like sandwich bread, pasta, and cereal. That way when she needs to be 100% gluten-free, you will be ready. My son doesn't like lots of changes all at once, so this way it was more gradual.

And so it is not overwhelming for you, start now taking inventory of your medicine cabinet, spice rack, condiments in the fridge, etc. to see what else (besides food) you might need to change.

We also had to shop for new toothbrushes and new containers for his lunch box.

I got lots of good suggestions and information from the people on this site. Good luck.


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