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What Bloats You Up?

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I've had some pretty uncomfortable gas off and on since going gluten-free. Thought I'd approach this semi-scientifically. It's like a survey. I was okay for a while but then started bloating up again. It's possible I got glutened at a friends house when fed rice cooked in a cast-iron pan stirred with a wooden spoon (CC)?? It can also be leftover from when I tried to reintroduce dairy into my diet w/ lactaid (didn't work... I went way too far overboard with it).

Post a list of what bloats you up, first, then a list of what you take to help it. I'll start.


- gluten

- soy (soy oil esp.)

- lactose

*Possible* offenders:

- carageenan

- bob's red mill flour/gluten-free oats

- certain brand of potato/veggie chips (no bad ingredients, maybe CC? straight potatoes don't seem to bother me)

What I take for it:

- fennel tea (helps the most)

- ginger tea

- digestive enzymes (helps to prevent)

- probiotics

- used to take Gas-X but don't like the aftertaste

and how long does it take to go away after you get it? do different offenders make it last longer?

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Xanthan Gum. It's in almost all gluten-free baked goods. It gives me terrible indigestion / bloating. I have no tolerance for the slimy stuff.

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oh God the list is too extensive... but lemme just tell u that i must have overdone the fructans tonight :(

i picked up Chipotle tonight- and if i just eat half, and put the rest in fridge for later- im fine- but i ate almost my whole bowl tonight- and no- i MUST remember that i cannot eat that amount of lettuce & onions & peppers in one sitting :(

ughhhhhhhhhh bloated and swollen & painful gas right now :(

ive also become more intolerant since going gluten free- and developed new allergies. i used to be able to eat an endless amount of eggs- now i cant eat more than one egg in one sitting. i also cant eat more than 1 bite of raw carrots anymore.

i took some gas x tonight- but it didnt help this time

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