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I have a 2 year old son who was diagnosed as failure to thrive in February. He had a whole slew of metabolic tests run, including one for cystic fibrosis. All came back negative. He is very small and is growing, but only a very small amount. He has fallen off the height/weight charts.

I've been doing a fair amount of googling, and I feel like celiac might fit. I am going to present it to the doctor when we go in for his weight check next week. I have a few questions! DS has always had extremely soft, orangey stools. Sometimes it is full blown D, but most of the time it is just extremely loose. I have seen undigested fruits in his stool one more than one occasion. He refuses to eat most things. He had terrible colic as an infant and was diagnosed with a milk protein intolerance. (However, now he drinks milk like it's going out of style.) He doesn't tell me that his tummy hurts excessively or anything like that, and he seems to be a fairly active boy, just very very small. Am I making a flying leap by suspecting celiac?

Neither DH or I have been diagnosed, but I HAVE been diagnosed with IBS and I have experienced some of the other symptoms, but I just figured that is the way I am- it's been going on for so long I don't know any differently! I see that many people are diagnosed later in life. I am wondering how that is possible. Is it just that the symptoms can take a while to manifest? Or people have low-level symptoms their entire life until it gets REALLY bad?

I just want to do the right things for my son, and I see from lurking on this forum that a lot of people have "non-typical" symptoms that resolve with a gluten-free diet. What are some non-typical symptoms that you or your children have experienced that you can attribute to a gluten intolerance?

I have so many questions but my mind is going a million miles a minute! I hope that I am not rambling senselessly. Thanks!

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Might be, or could be just gluten intolerance. He may have temporary lactose intolerance causing the D because celiac can damage the lining of the gut needed to digest lactose.

Most doctors think that if you are 1)not thin and 2)not loosing weight and looking wasted, and have instead symptoms of neuropathy (numbness, nerve damage in extremities) and ataxia (loss of balance, dizziness, coordination) and other problems such as bone loss, arthritis and/or kidney, liver, vision, etc, it must be something else.

I was never formally diagnosed, got to the point by my mid-forties where I had brain lesions revealed by a scan (see above symptoms) and still had the neurologist from he((

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