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One Bath And Body Products

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I emailed One Bath and Body...the correspondence is below. I'm really impressed with this guy's professionalism and concern for the customer.

I've seen the "One" products in Target and Meijer. The lotions smell heavenly!



I was just wondering if any of your products are gluten free? I'm particularly interested in your lotions.

Thank you!



Hi Heather,

Thank you so much for your email, yes gluten free! I hope as you try other One items you will give me your thoughts as we thrive to always improve our line. Please feel free to contact me direct anytime, I want to make sure you enjoy everything about One and if not, I want to know!

I have two goals, make great products for our customers and second set an example for other companies that you can develop product that uses no plastics, we as a nation are currently adding 40+ Billion bottles to landfills each year taking up to 1,000 years to biodegrade. I just hope One can be part of changing that then we all can have a cleaner healthier planet.

Please do not forget us on Face Book and Twitter, we do fun TGIF trivia on FB for free One stuff!!

Best regards,


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