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Bueno Coffee (Substitute)

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Someone gave me a package of Bueno Coffee Substitute. Ingredients weren't particularly suspicious, but I contacted the company because 1) I've seen both barley and rye in coffee substitutes before, and 2) because they make a lot of gluten foods. Looks like their coffee substitutes aren't safe, but I'm copying and pasting their email, because it was a nice message, especially when so many companies aren't helpful.

I was going through my emails and not sure if anyone has contacted you.

Our Coffee is dispensed by the same machine our gluten shreds are. we clean the machine between types of food.

I am not sure how sensitive you might be or if you could even take a chance. I really feel for you. These kind of problems must be very frustrating.

Please let me know what you want to do.

Email me back at this new address: buenocoffee@gmail.com

Ron Jahn

Creative Foods Inc.

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