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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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Sorry, Irish, I'm not going to be able to come up with a link for that article. It was written by a registered dietician, posted on a RD website. I had one copy of the article (which was printed by my friend) and gave it to another friend that has Graves Disease. That was a couple of months ago. The letter from Bayer reminded me about that article.

that's okay, Marilyn. I can't drink OJ right now anyway--I have a burning mouth & throat. Hopefully, that will go away in time. :(

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That's kind of like my saying my house is dust free because I don't add any dust to it. :D

T.H. -This is brilliant! I really do think it was CC from the Vitafusion vitamins. I called this company when I first started taking them and they reassured me that they tested for gluten and there was no gluten in their facility. I really though it was a company I could trust and they were the last item I ever thought of that would have CC in them. :blink: They are supposed to be GFCFSF. They are so wrong...

I know it's hard to recommend vitamins and I know you're super sensitive. Are there any vitamins that you take?

Thanks! :)

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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for helping me figure this out. There is so much great advice here!

I really think I ruled out a soy intolerance. I've been eating soy products without any problems and I'm feeling really good. I did start taking one of the vitamins that I least suspected - the GNC Multi Ultra vitamins again just to test it out. I got courageous... :D or I'm just really stupid... :D It's now been four days and I haven't had any reactions to them so far. I even cleaned my house yesterday for the first time in months! :D

Now I'm on the search again for a new calcium supplement. I found a really interesting article about calcium. I thought I would share this with my friends. ;)


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