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I moved in with a friend last week. She returned home from vacation on Sunday. I got glutened today (or the symptoms came today as I think my reactions happen about 24hrs afterwards.) I knew this was going to be a learning curve, especially since I have live alone since shortly after I was diagnosed (though need to have roommate now for $ reasons.) It just frustrates me. I have only been glutened once in the past year. I know I am sensitive to CC. So I think that is what happened. I'm still trying to figure this all out. Ugh.

I'm wondering about making food. So I wash my hands before I cook, but then I open the fridge (which I would expect to have gluten on it) then I get out my ingredients (then I wash my hands again after I open the bottles/cans/bags, to remove gluten) then I make the food eat it and then put away the ingredients that I have used? Is that how it works? What about my dishes? Do they need to dry in a room other than the kitchen (it is really really small) to avoid getting gluten on them from when my roommate cooks?

I took a probiotic hoping that it will help my stomach heal. I need to work and go to class tomorrow, will it be a problem if I take something like pepto bismal? I feel like I had these things down when I was getting glutened a lot, but it has been so long, and it didn't happen a lot after I was diagnosed, so I feel like I have forgotten everything. So far it is just D any maybe some body aches. Will it get worse tomorrow?

Any other advice?


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I live on Pepto after a glutening! Definately should be safe to take and will help control symptoms if you have places to be and things to do. Usually after the D has passed I feel achy and really tired for a few days. It makes things rough but usually not impossible to get to work and do what's required. I also notice my stomach is very sensitive and bland foods are good for a few days! Hope you feel better soon!

I live in a mostly gluten-free household so I don't have much advice there. On the few occassions gluten is in the home I just make sure to wash my hands a million times and I never prepare food directly on the counter. Always lay parchment or foil down! I also wipe handles for the fridge/stove/microwave/doornobs down just in case!

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