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Tested Negative But Started Diet.

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Since Celiac and gluten intolerance runs in my family (mother has celiac, great grandfather has an intolerance and HIS mother had digestive problems all her life and went undiagnosed) I wondered why I kept having digestive issues. As posted a few weeks ago, I had some bloodwork done (Prometheus Celiac PLUS and some thyroid work etc). It all came back negative for anything. I had my doubts. So instead of paying for a biopsy I decided to go gluten free for 2-3 weeks to see if I felt any better.

After a week and a half I'm already seeing a difference internally. I'm HOPING it's not entirely in my head, but after the first 3 days I haven't had any "episodes." I've felt really moody and easily irritated though since I started. And I keep getting a sore throat that persists throughout the day. I'm hoping these "symptoms" go away because actually being able to eat food without running to the bathroom is really great. Is there such a thing as gluten withdraw? :/

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