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where to start wow its been quite the struggle and life style change that got me here to this point

i guess it all started around the end of feb(2011)i started getting diareah and it progressively got worse to the point i ended up in the hosp for a week, my bowels just would not stop, i had a colonoscpy, with the bowel prep for that i ended up getting so bad i was passing bowel tissue i had to rest for 2 days before the or trip, 2 weeks have passed my system has calmed down some what but i am still haveing painful bowel movements and bouts of diareah and have not consumed lactose since this all started, i was eating purley gluten foods and feeling so horrible all over my entire body and my lower back started hurting so bad had a surg a few years ago)

then i got talking to an aunt and found out that many members of my family have celeic, i had a follow up with the dr that did the colonoscopy and said that i get my gp to do a blood test , so i went and got that done yesterday, now today im going to go gluten free

i bought cereal and some snack foods and ill be searching my eyes off for meal ideas

i have not much support from the dh until i am legally diagnosed and i have a feeling that it might be easier said that done as its so hard to get a solid diagnoses,

i am to go in for a upper gi june 6th, now if i eat gluten free for the rest of this month and then eat gluten 2 weeks before the test will it show up on the test?

thanks in advance for your support


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