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Last week I decided to try yogurt. Big mistake. I was so constipated all week. From all of the straining, my hemorrhoid is really bothering me. It feels like a headache and pressure up my bum and it itches and burns. Driving me crazy honestly. What do I do about this? Tucks, Prep H?

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I have Hemorrhoids too from constipation and it sucks sitting in class all the time, because they burn and get really really uncomfortable sitting on them. I got them banded(removed) a year ago, but it seems as though they have come back stronger then ever. It's such a pain in the ass, literally. I am thinking about gettting them banded off again. You could see if you have a local clinic that does that. It is really simple procedure that takes like 15 mins, but the problem is you are going to be out of commission for a day or two. And that day or two is miserable! Imagine the pain like 20x worse, but then you are good for a while ( a year is what it seemed like for me) Probably varies, but anyway that is worth a shot. I might try the epsom salt, creme and wipes as said above first though, because those won't hurt...

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