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Interesting Information On Website

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Not sure which topic is most appropriate for this post, but this website does specifically talk about 'Leaky Gut', so maybe it's ok here.

The following website: dogtorj . com (no spaces) has some interesting information, mainly about gluten, dairy, soy and corn, and the negative health effects of these. I'm not saying everything the author (a Vet who has Celiac Disease himself) has researched and written is true, but from what I've read so far, it is certainly, 'interesting'.

Hopefully someone might find something of interest on this site too.

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I read his stuff. That is what turned me on to eating meat for good.

I think all grains cause me inflammation and uggish feelings. I never would have figured it all out. But with people like him and the Paleo people, and some experimentation of my own, I feel better than I have in years.

I gotta have meat.

Love the carbs and gluten free treats now and then, but the meat is the meal.

Makes sense dogs and cats should be eating meat too, it is what nature intended. Most pet food being primarily grains is wreaking havoc on our pets' health as well as our own.

Grain Free Celiac who eats Chocolate.

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i love that site- and Dr. J seems like the nicest guy.

i also find a lot of truth in there for me...

my cousin especially loved this site- i shared it with her because she gets extreme migraines & PARIAL seizures whenever she ingests MSG & aspartame- even if it's just in toothpaste... dont know if she's celiac or not.. but she and her two boys are highly ALLERGIC to wheat and dairy. and she also has Hypothyroid.

ya, i like this guy a lot... i hope he's not completely correct tho- as i have yet to find eggs from chickens not fed wheat, corn, or soy. and i still cant give up the dairy. :/ tho i try to get grass fed beef only and grass fed dairy when i can.

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