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Solaray Probiotics (Dairy Free)--Are They Gluten Free?

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I've looked and the only probiotics I can find in my local stores that are dairy free do not say gluten free. There are no obvious gluten ingredients listed, I've googled and not found any information. My next step will be to contact the manufacturer but I thought maybe I could save a step if anyone here has used them and knows for sure.

The bottle I'm looking at is Solaray Multidophilus non-dariy, freeze-dried 3 Billion Triple strain formula. The ingredients (besides the live strain bacteria) are: Gelatin Capsule, Cellulose, Stearic acid, Magnesium Stearate and Maltodextrin.

Okay I know that maltodextrin from sources other than corn in foods has to be labeled but I'm not sure if that applies to the dietary supplements. Can anyone help?

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