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Alopecia Getting Worse After 6 Mo Gluten Free

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I have had mild alopecia areata since I was about 6 years old and always dealt with it pretty well. I never had more than one or two quarter sized bald spots and they always grew back in after a couple months.

Last October, I was officially diagnosed with Celiac and went gluten free. At my 3 month follow-up, we ran extensive bloodwork and I had no antibodies and had all normal levels of vitamins. My doctor thoroughly checked my thyroid hormones because he suspected I might have hyperthyroidism, but everything was totally fine. I've been feeling phenomenal, but my recent bald spots haven't been growing back... one has lasted 6 months without any activity...

I'm scheduling a dermatologist appointment to begin injection treatments, which have worked for me in the past... but I'm just curious if anyone has any ideas?? Has this happened to others in the absence of any vitamin deficiencies? I'm starting to get very nervous that it will worsen to the point of needing a wig or something... this is pretty terrifying.. help!

Positive blood test on several indicators Aug '10

Visual damage seen via endoscopy Oct '10

Diagnosed Celiac with "3B" damage via positive biopsy Oct '10

Gluten Free since 10/9/10

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