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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


Not To Jump The Gun Or Anything But Day 4 And Jeez..

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I am slightly shocked

Maybe placebo, but at this point who cares.

What I have noticed, it may sound extreme but to be honest it is more subtle that it sounds but..

I am breathing better, not great but not like it was.

I have ketarosis pilaris or a million red bumps all over my arms and legs, these have faded quite a bit

I have these little red sores on my shoulders and arms, maybe 5 in total and these seem to be healing meanwhile they have been there for 6 months

I am actually getting tired and falling asleep normally rather than the extreme insomnia

My acid reflux has improved 75% and I have not needed any antacids

My hoarse throat, still pretty bad, actually sounds terrible but I did have a moment or two where I sounded clear.. just a brief moment.

Lastly and best of all my stomach pain has all but virtually left me a lone. I had a brief hour or two with it yesterday and moments of it today but for the most part it is giving me a break. This has led to a great improvement in mood and function. I have actually achieved many many things in the last few days and been a more involved father and husband with a better attitude.

Now I only quit 4 days ago. I have been in control of my food so no CC that I can dream of. I have not cheated. I have quit dairy and gluten so I am not sure which one is the culprit. I have had some serious cravings and it was challenging on mothers day to not order at the restaurant, I actually bought my own chicken at the store and ate that in the car, lol. I did get a fruit smoothie, that was all fruit, orange juice and honey.

I am quite surprised actually and keeping my fingers crossed. I really have something happening to me with dairy and gluten, what my title or whatever is I don't know? How long this will continue I do not know? If everyday was like today I would actually be a much more productive human being and that is a good thing.

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Yes you can improve that quickly. I have literally never had another migraine since the day I went gluten free, except a couple times early on when I got glutened. My tummy issues also stopped really fast and after having D day and night for 15 years that was a real pleasent change.

I hope you continue to improve. After you have been feeling better for a couple months then you can try adding dairy back in. Many of us can add it in after we have fully healed.

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Oh wow! I didn't know what "Keratosis pilaris" was until i read it in your post, then i googled it. I've had this for as long as i can remember. Gluten causes it?

i didn't even know there was a name to it, i just figured i didn't scrub those parts of my body hard enough.

wow, im suspecting i have some food allergies as well (headaches/migraines/brain fog) etc are my biggest concerns though.

wow! thanks for sharing info.


here is a picture of one of my legs. not very good (its dark here) but is this ketarosis pilaris?

This is one of my legs. i know it looks bad and nasty. I try to scrub and scrub my body in the shower but these never go away

leg.jpg ?

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Yep that looks like the bumps I have all over my biceps and legs. It seems to get deeper in red and almost infected looking as I ingest more gluten. I am now a week off and they look mildly faded. I do not think they will ever go away, but probably improve greatly.

I also get larger open red sores, generally in the same spot on my shoulders. I have about 5 of them, and they are so bad that when they do heal they are scars. They seem to completely close up and heal to a scar when I quit dairy and gluten. When I return to gluten and dairy, it takes time but usually a few weeks back into it and these wounds reappear.

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No placebo Darlin' just a life free of ingesting poison anymore. :) Welcome to the first 4 days of your beautiful life. ;) And when you are at a good place and you notice even more things clear up please do tell others. Gluten Intolerance effects everyone in my estimation.

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