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I feel like I have a gluten hangover today. However there is light at the end of the tunnel, I saw the GI yesterday and I go Monday for my endo! I will be cutting out gluten regardless of the test results, I already know what it does to me. A couple of weeks ago I had to have my gallbladder removed, as I started to heal from surgery and be able to eat again I was noticing a connection between what I ate and how I felt. I'm only pushing for a confirmation because I am hoping it will make genetic testing easier. Interesting, as I was typing this, I realized the child I am worried about is the one who after that pregnancy all of my problems started (or maybe they've been there my whole life but definitely got worse after 2nd pregnancy and 2 c-section. I wonder if there's a connection to that pregnancy with her and both of us having a gluten problem. By the way she just turned 4, so it's been a long 4 years for me health wise. I can't wait til next Tuesday!

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Women often see symptoms get worse after having a baby. I got worse with each pregnancy although oddly my symptoms were very mild during each pregancy. I felt better preggers than at any other time although with my second I did have morning sickness for the first couple of months.

Since your having the endo Monday you can start a trial of the diet as soon as that is done. Be aware there can be false negatives on both blood tests and biopsies so go with what your body is telling you if that happens. Do go ahead and get the little one tested and like with yourself do a trial of the diet after testing is done no matter what the results.

I hope your feeling better soon.

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