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Milk Allergy?

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Hi everyone:

I have had Celiac for about 7 years now. Started when I had a history of bleeding ulcers so when I started to feel weak again the docs thought they better do an endoscopy to check for bleeding. Turns out my cilia were completely flat and I think the blood test was over 100?? anyway, I was the worst case of Celiac they had ever seen. I stopped wheat immediately. A year later I was feeling better and started again. I was back in bed after a month. Now believe it or not, even with bleeding ulcers I never had stomach pain. But I was severely anemic. So unlike others it's a bit more difficult to find out what is causing a problem as the results affect me more in terms of malabsorption leading to deficiencies which take a while to show up rather than stomach pain etc.

So I've been good since then. But recently I started to feel very sick. I have a 10 year history of migraines and take meds for them. This migraine has lasted for 6 weeks now. I guess I have never been as paranoid about cross contamination as most here so I regularly eat a high protein bar from Safeway. It is gluten free but they can't guarantee no cross contamination. I also use a lot of milk in my coffee and eat a lot of yogurt. Lately I started to have joint pain which I have never had along with the migraine and I feel anemic. I can't afford to go to the doctor because at the moment I am unemployed.

I realize I should stop the protein bars which I am addicted to. I always thought a milk allergy would have more upper respiratory symptoms or gastro symptoms which I don't have.

I was wondering if many have given up milk altogether along with wheat and found those symptoms cleared up.

Sorry this was so long, I thought it necessary to give some background into

Thanks in advance!

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