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Went Gluten-Free In August.. Weight Issues Since 07

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In August, my mom found something about Gluten Free dieting helping with pains such as I had. Ever since I was 5 months old, I've had joint pains. I've been to doctors: When I was 5, when I was 10, 15, etc. When I was 16ish, The doc told me that I have Hyper Mobility Joint Syndrome, and that it's "benign." If that was true, I have a very very severe case, but I have a good reason to believe it isn't.

August '10 I went Gluten Free. At the time, it consisted of eating potatoes and Gluten Free Chili (Hormel marks their "with beans" Chili as gluten free; it was the only one I could find at the time). I made a few mistakes, at least, though. I destroyed most of my knee pain in the first month, but still had wrist pain. At the time, I weighed about 150/160 after losing weight (and gaining it back) with HcG diet in the past. I hurt my wrist pretty bad in September (moving baskets into a hotel; we were traveling for work) and wore a wrist brace for about 2 months because of it. After that, I had no wrist pain until I drank a "Green Machine" (one of the Naked Juices) without checking it. That's when I knew for sure that I had a gluten intolerance. I now eat a ton of prepared foods, mostly recommended by someone with Celiacs that plays a game I play. Of course, they are high sugar/carbs/calories/fat, and cost $5-7 for a small container.

So now, after moving and eating badly (understatement: Hamburgers without the bread are just as bad as WITH the bread, if you eat a large fry instead of a small.) I weigh almost 185, my highest yet. I am not fond of meat (unless in taquito form) and am not interested in doing HcG again because it works best with meats (recommended plan; we've tried smoothies instead though). What I'd like is something like Nutrisystem where someone tells me what to eat.

So IS there a program like that for those of us who need Gluten Free?

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